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Add titles to profiles

I would like our titles added back to our profiles to eliminate confusion between people with the same name.
Guest 5 days ago in  1 Planned

Design revisions on the Add New Company (new Customer Screen) Marketscape Insights - ADMIN

To Avoid confusion and incorrect user role options create a poor login experience for any users created until the Roles issue is resolved.
Guest 10 days ago in  0 On Roadmap

Add only active users to manager setup

When assigning a manager role to a user, please only list active users as options for the people managed by the user.
Guest 12 days ago in "Wouldn't it be cool if..." 0

Add ACO relationships to SNF and Hospitals Facility Info

It would be helpful to know if SNFs and Hospitals are participating in ACO/DCEs - a similar profile to that including on the physicians practice details page.
Guest 3 months ago in Data Metric 0 On Roadmap

Freeze rows for big lists

It would be helpful to freeze header rows when looking at large tables, such as the list of physicians affiliated with an ACO on the ACO analyze page. Otherwise, users have to scroll up and then back down again.
Kate Work about 2 months ago in  0 On Roadmap

Add ACO affiliation

If possible, indicate how many patients are assigned to an ACO by source and destination.
Guest 2 months ago in Data Metric 1 On Roadmap

Add ACO Filter to Explore Page for Facilities in Hospice Solution

Customers are becoming more interested in partnering with ACOs and requesting the information about ACO plans with which facilities are participating.
Guest 2 months ago in  0 On Roadmap

Add MSSP ACO Affiliation Column to Explore for Physicians and Facilities

We already have a filter for ACO affiliation, but you cannot readily see the ACO affiliation from Explore unless you already know which ACO to select. It would be helpful to include the ACO clinicians were most recently affiliated with.
Kate Work 2 months ago in Data Metric 1 On Roadmap

Broaden networks to be able to include post-acute care providers.

The ability to build networks with metrics that are not just physician/provider focused. Would like to be able to build out post-acute networks with SNF, SWG, HHC and hospice.
Heidi Lauenstein 3 months ago in  1 On Roadmap

Percentage column for MA table on Analyze pages

Please add a percentage column to the MA table to show what percentage of a provider's population is served by the named payor. Using Physician Analyze example, the percentage column would be next to patient count for each contract Customer needs ...
Kate Work 7 months ago in Data Metric 0 On Roadmap